Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Gary A. Vela, M.D - Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons, like Gary A. Vela, M.D., frequently perform butt lifts on their patients, in particular the less invasive and intensive procedure referred to as the Brazilian butt lift. This surgery requires only small incisions accompanied by liposuction to give clients’ posteriors a lift.

Gary A. Vela, M.DThe point behind a Brazilian butt lift is to enhance the shape and size of a client’s posterior. In a Brazilian butt lift, the doctor first makes small incisions, then removes unwanted, stubborn fats from areas of the body like the thighs and stomach. These fats are purified in a centrifuge and then injected back into the buttocks with various sized tubes to create volume and lift; a greater number of smaller injections tends to result in a more natural look and feel. The Brazilian butt lift usually provides a more realistic look because the procedure is done with human tissue as opposed to silicone implants or synthetic fillers.

Cosmetic surgeons such as Gary A. Vela, M.D., advise Brazilian butt lift patients to be aware of post-procedural concerns and side effects. Bruising and swelling of the buttocks will occur after surgery. Patients will need to learn how to properly care for wounds, and will need to learn different ways of sitting and lying down without putting pressure on the buttocks. Clients need to understand that the healing process will take time, often months, before the site has fully healed. One year after the surgery, patients may expose their buttocks to sunlight without fear of skin damage.

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